Hi, it's Sven.

Software Engineering Manager based in Cologne, Germany.


I am a software developer, engineering manager, international speaker and currently Head of Engineering at Clariness, a leading life sciences company accelerating medical innovation.

Ranging from startups and agencies to multinational enterprises, I’ve spent well over a decade working in the magic triangle of software engineering, product management and people leadership.



These beliefs are based on my experience and my personal style of leadership. I have never seen a team perform at a sustained high level of excellence whose members didn’t share at least some of these beliefs.


I believe in trusting people to do what they were hired to do, and then some. I believe in Kerth’s Prime Directive: everybody does their best with what they have available.


I believe in excessive communication, especially in distributed teams. I will share all available and relevant information as often and as widely as is feasible.


I believe that it is my responsibility to ensure that everybody is able to showcase and further improve both their personal and technical skills and abilities.


I believe that a motivated, psychologically safe and well-equipped team with a shared goal can solve any challenge they set out to accomplish, and solve it well.


Conference Talks

*Covid disclaimer – only accepting in-person engagements with abundant safety precautions, such as mask or vaccination requirements. I prefer being able to read and interact with my audience in person, which is difficult to do in online-only conferences.

See you all soon, hopefully.

Bits & Currywurst
Dortmund, DE

The conference where nerds meet decision-makers, innovative ideas and projects emerge,
and the digital scene exchanges ideas every year in the Ruhr region.

Dortmund, DE

The event for All Things Tech at GastroHero, bringing remote, cross-functional product teams of Engineers, UX Designers and Product Owners together in Dortmund every year.

Munich, DE

The FrontConf is an annual international conference focusing on front-end development, covering the whole stack from modern Javascript to UX and Web design.

Krakow, PL

Java and JVM based technologies, dynamic languages, enterprise architectures, patterns, distributed computing, software craftsmanship, mobile and much more…

Riga, LV

FrontCon gathers more than 250 front-end professionals, enthusiasts and invites everybody who wants to deepen their knowledge and improve skills in front-end and web application development.

Munich, DE

Django, Tornado, Flask, API frameworks. AsyncIO, networking. Frontend and JS. Web Security.

All covered in one conference. Since 2017.


Professional Experience

Some challenges are the same no matter the business. Others are delightfully unique.

Here are my three most recent places of work.

Head of Engineering

Life Sciences
Clinical Trials Management

2023 – current

Head of Engineering 

B2B & B2C

2021 – 2023

Head of IT

Tech Consulting
Finance & Insurance Tech

2018 – 2021